Who will see my profile picture and details?

Once you join the platform, there are different levels of information that will be shared, depending on where you post and interact.

This is what is viewable only by community members:

  • Your profile: your name, profile picture, cover photo and anything posted on your timeline will only be visible to other community members
  • Activity Feed: Any comments you make or photos that you post
  • Groups: only your fellow group members will be able to see what you post in the group

This is what is viewable by the general public online:

  • Discussion Forum: any posts that you make to ask or answer questions in the discussion forum will be public
  • Shop: any reviews that you make on sheet music or courses
  • Videos & Articles: any comments that you make on articles will be public

If you would like to remain anonymous, we suggest that you change your name and username to a pseudonym, and upload a profile picture that does not include your face.