Worried about privacy?

Our community is built to be a place where we can learn together and support one another in this harp journey. To do that, many of us introduce ourselves and enjoy the safe space of wonderful harpists from all over the world. 

We understand that some of you are concerned about what happens to your information once you have signed up. Below is a summary of what parts of our website are private, public and how to remain completely anonymous if that is what you would prefer.

What is Visible to the Public?

Our aim is to provide valuable resources to our members and also to those who are not yet signed up for our website. Therefore we have made the following pages searchable on search engines: 

Videos and Articles (Blog) – Including all comments on the articles. If you post a comment, your first name, last name and profile picture (as created by you) will be visible.

Discussion Forum – All posts, comments and replies made by contributors and visitors. If you post a comment, your first name, last name and profile picture (as created by you) will be visible.

Shop – Including reviews made on any of the products available for sale. If you post a review, your first name, last name and profile picture (as created by you) will be visible.

Help Center Articles, the Learning the Harp home page and all ‘Free download’ pages are also searchable.

What is Visible only to our Community?

Our beautiful community are here to answer your questions, give encouragement and journey with you. Here is what is ‘private’ amongst those who have signed up for the paid membership or free community:

Activity Feed – All members are able to post updates, send messages and comment/reply to posts on the Activity Feed. When posting, you can choose to make that post visible to the whole community, only your “connections” (similar to “friends” in other social media platforms), or only yourself.

Only paid members will see posts and comments made in the “Members Only” group appearing on their activity feed, and only members of Classmate Groups for each of the courses they purchased will see posts made inside those groups.

Your Profile – Each member has their own profile page, containing their name, a list of their connections, a place to keep their photos and an optional “About Me” section. In general, this information is visible to all other members on the site, but some of that information can be restricted (eg. you can make the “About Me” section visible to all members, only your connections, or only yourself).

Groups – When you purchase a course, you are automatically added to the Classmates Group for that course so you can ask each other questions, and encourage each other as you learn. Other members will only know if they are in the same group as you, not a list of which other groups you are part of.

What Information is Completely Private?

Payment Information (ie. PayPal login details, credit card details, etc). This information is encrypted, so even site administrators can not see it. We are only able to see which subscription you have, and when your subscription renewal date is set for.

The password you created to log in to our site. We are able to help you reset your password, but even site administrators are not able to see what your current password is because that information is also encrypted.

Prefer to remain completely anonymous?

We know that some of you do not use Facebook or other social media because of a desire to remain off the Internet grid. We totally understand that!

If you would like to remain completely anonymous, just use a pseudonym when you sign up for the free community or purchase a monthly membership. Simply make up a false first and last name when signing up. Make sure your email address is legitimate though, otherwise you will not be able to log in at all.

As you can see from the image below, you can change your username after you have signed up on our site and it takes effect in most places  EXCEPT where it appears in the URL bar at the top of the page – eg. https://www.learningtheharp.com/members/example_user. That’s why it’s easier to just sign up with a pseudonym from the beginning.

Further reading

For further reading of our policies regarding privacy, terms of service, acceptable use, and security, please see the following pages:

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Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy

Security Policy