About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Christy-Lyn, harp teacher and founder of Learning the Harp, a family business run by three sisters from South Africa. At Learning the Harp we believe that anyone who is called to play the harp can learn successfully in a way that feels easy, no matter your background or where you are in the world. Our mission is to offer harp students the most effective online harp learning system and an encouraging space of connection on a platform where you can find everything you need.

Read on to hear about how we got started and what we stand for, and scroll down to learn more about each team member!

From Occupational Therapist to Harp Teacher

Back in 2013 I was working as an Occupational Therapist, but I had a growing desire to learn harp to accompany my singing. I thought the harp was something you had to learn as a child so although I had a strong musical background I didn’t think I would get very far. But the urge to learn was so strong that I HAD to take action, so I contacted a local harp teacher and started classical harp lessons at the age of 24.

Immediately I found myself completely obsessed with practicing! Within 3 months I was performing with singing and harp, and after 3 years I did my advanced classical harp exam. Over the next few years I had the opportunity to perform at weddings, as a resident harpist at a hotel restaurant, and even on The Voice South Africa. What a big change in my life!

Creating Online Courses That Work

I kept sharing my progress on my YouTube channel, and started getting messages from adults all around the world who were teaching themselves to play the harp, but struggling to make progress. So in 2016 I started teaching Zoom harp lessons, and discovered a great love for teaching harp!

On a quest to help more people with their harp struggles, I started creating online harp courses in 2018. There was such a positive response from people who bought the courses, some even saying that they’d learned more from one course with me than they had in the previous six months of learning alone! With my Occupational Therapy mindset and my knowledge of how to practice effectively, I was able to create courses that worked for people of all different backgrounds and abilities, and help them to get real results. Along the way, my sisters joined me, and we created Learning the Harp to help more people learn how to play the harp through online courses.

Growing and Improving

Learning the Harp launched an online membership platform in March 2021, which is now a vibrant community of harp students all learning together. We love to create new products in response to our students’ needs, so we are constantly growing and changing!

Since 2021 we have grown from releasing one course of one level per month, to now releasing three Video Courses at 3 levels per month, plus Workshops, 6-Week Programs and a growing Skills Library of videos which our members can learn from.

As we grow, we have hired an amazing team who help us with the behind-the-scenes of the business which is so important to keep things running! We have also started expanding our team of harp teachers, because we see such value in having multiple teachers with different specialities and personalities to offer something unique to the learning experience. A team also helps us to move forwards in a sustainable way, so that we can continue helping harp students worldwide for the foreseeable future!

Who We Serve

Our products are designed to help those who are learning the harp as adults, with or without a musical background. We are particularly passionate about serving students who are teaching themselves but want to learn with good technique from a system that works, with encouragement along the way. Age doesn’t matter – we even have students in their eighties who are learning harp as their first instrument with no previous musical training. It’s never too late to learn the harp!

How We Help

Our main product is Video Courses where you learn a song of your choice note-by-note, with guidance on how to implement good harp technique and effective practice strategies (even if you don’t read sheet music). We also give live Workshops which help to expand your harp skills and knowledge.

Our 6-week programs are designed to boost your progress with more in-depth teaching, feedback and accountability as you learn together with a group of other students. Feedback Videos give an opportunity to send in a video of your playing and get personal feedback from a harp teacher. And we also offer Private Zoom Lessons to give you more in depth feedback and a personalized plan on how to move forwards with your harp learning. Our Skills Library is a set of videos teaching skills or techniques, exclusively for members to access and learn from anytime.

To find out more about our membership and try your first Video Course free of charge, go to: https://www.learningtheharp.com/free-trial/

What harp makers say

Learning the Harp has created extremely high quality instruction that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. LTH is basically THE online school of Harp Instruction. They offer quality education, guidance, knowledge, and community at a very reasonable price.”

Matt Edwards (Operations Director, Musicmakers)

“Christy-Lyn does an amazing job getting people started on their harp journey. She makes everything clear, comfortable and fun. I highly recommend Harp Beginnings to anyone wanting to learn the harp.”

Melissa Irwin (Harpsicle® / Rees Harps)

What our students say

I’ve been learning the harp for a few weeks, and I’m really happy I found the Learning the Harp site. This Video Course has really helped me remember posture, and hand techniques while learning a beautiful song. I’m looking forward to learning more songs and find Christy-Lyn such a wonderful teacher that gives you the confidence to learn to play the harp.

Michele Farrance

When I tried to learn to play the harp over ten years ago there was nothing like this, and I gave up. But I never gave up my will to learn and after over ten years away from the harp I was determined to start again, and your online courses are helping me fulfill my dream 🙂

Rose Rozon

I am a total beginner and don’t know how to read music well yet and have never played any instrument so it was all new to me. This Video Course took me from total beginner to having this first lovely song down well! The instruction was clear and in small enough chunks for a newbie to work my way through slow and steady. It was perfect for a total beginner like me!

Mitzie McElhaney

As a mostly self-taught harpist I have been long overdue for a technique check-in, so a Feedback Video just made a lot of sense! Carrie was so kind and receptive to my individual needs. She gave me encouragement, gentle advice, and specific exercises to both elevate my playing and help me feel confident in the work I’ve already done. The hardest part was fitting all my questions into one 3min video! I highly recommend this option to anyone, but especially those who want to refresh their playing, fine tune some specific trouble spots, or just find additional support outside of a full lesson.

Aidan Iams

These Skills Library videos are so helpful! You really know how to explain things so well to beginners, things that harp teachers sometimes take for granted that we should know. But these are such important nuances that will help make my journey so much better. So thank you for being such a great teacher and taking the time to make these videos.

Nicole Steiman

Meet the Team


Harp Teacher

Christy-Lyn has a passion for teaching the harp! But beyond music, her creative and nurturing side extends to her love of plants and arts and crafts. She loves how indoor plants make a home feel, and her current interest is sewing her own clothes! She’s also married to Jonny, who is a professional musician.


Harp Teacher

Carrie started playing the harp when she was only eight years old! Carrie was hooked the moment she started playing and never stopped, even going on to study harp in college and graduate school. Other than harp, she loves creative hobbies like painting, making homemade bread, and exploring new places with her husband, Zach.


Admin & Student Support

Glenda is disciplined and admin-focused, with a deep care for our students – and the office cats! When she’s not busy bringing order and speed to the office, she’s prioritizes our student support inbox and is key in uploading new courses to the website. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and camping with her husband, Brad, and her dog, Shelby.



Megan’s role fits her personality perfectly as the organized older sister of Christy-Lyn. Her speciality is coordinating the team to bring the big plans to fruition. She enjoys reading, believes in the healing powers of a home cooked meal or chocolate chip cookie, and loves exploring Croatia, where she lives with her husband, Slaven, and baby Luka.


Product Development

Cara is Christy-Lyn’s younger sister and is married to Kevin, our Head of Website. She works closely with Christy-Lyn to plan learning materials that support our students’ growth so they can reach their harp potential. Cara loves going for family walks in the countryside where they live, and is consistently entertained by the quirks of her toddler, Jacob.


Head of Marketing

Jen loves the diversity of marketing! She knows how different each customer journey is, and does her best to meet the needs of our students while speaking to their pain points. Outside the office, you can find her spending time with loved ones, enjoying deep conversation over a homecooked meal, or nose-deep in a good book.


Head of Production

Angus, also known as Gus, brings a calm energy to the office. As our Head of Production, he’s our behind-the-scenes and sometimes on-screen tech whizz. He’s always looking for ways to improve efficiency, enjoys finding new tech gadgets to play with, and has taken up karate as an adult learner. He’s married to Cath, and they have two boys, Matt and Sam.


Video Editor

Tia has a deeply creative side, and loves video editing. She brings a brilliant and innovative approach to her work which can be seen in the high-quality output she delivers. Tia is always up for the challenge and brings a positive attitude and enthusiasm to her work. She loves skateboarding, working on DIY projects, and enjoying Cape Town sunsets with friends.


Head of Website

Kevin is known for his intense focus and problem-solving skills. He has an impressive musical background, having been a film composer for many years, including scoring and producing the soundtrack for the Oscar-winning documentary “My Octopus Teacher.” He’s married to Cara and a proud dad to Jacob!


Website Support

Lindsay is an essential website team member, known for her positive attitude and strong work ethic. She values community and is always the first to offer help when it’s needed. Lindsay is always up for a challenge and enjoys outdoor activities like ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and exercise classes in her free time. 

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