Here Comes the Sun for Intermediate and Advanced Harp

Here’s a chance to play a piece that is happy and upbeat! Not something we often do as harp players, right? This song brings such a lovely lift to the atmosphere and puts a smile on my face every time. I love it!

I knew we HAD to do a really fun music video for this one, and I wasn’t going to let the winter weather in South Africa stop me! We hired an old-school combi, enlisted my husband Jonny to bring some extra “vibe” and made a road trip video featuring our beloved Table Mountain in the background.

We had SO much fun filming this video and we were gifted with a fantastic Cape Town ‘winters’ day!

My advanced arrangement is a good challenge, with lots of quick lever changes, complex rhythms, glissandos, and jumping between low and high notes in both hands. The mid-intermediate arrangement has a simpler left hand accompaniment without the bass notes, and the middle section of the piece has been left out to avoid the fastest lever changes (don’t worry, it still sounds great!).

What makes this piece fun is the speed and interesting rhythm. So if you’re looking to add something different to your repertoire, this piece will be a lovely challenge and really satisfying to play, whether it’s winter OR summer!

Click here to learn “Here Comes the Sun” (Advanced) or “Here Comes the Sun” (Mid-Intermediate) with me!

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