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Here Comes the Sun (Mid-Intermediate) Course

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This fun arrangement of “Here Comes the Sun” works for small harps of 22 strings or larger! If you’re looking for a challenging upbeat song that lifts the atmosphere and brings a smile, this one’s for you.  This song is a favorite by The Beatles, and most people will instantly recognize the melody and start humming along. Most arrangements of this song are either for pedal harp, or they miss the fun rhythmic “vibe” of the song, but Christy-Lyn has carefully planned the lever changes to make it all possible! In the Video Course, you’ll get essential practice tips to conquer the lever changes and make the piece flow much faster than if you were learning on your own.

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Difficulty level & Skills required

Mid-Intermediate: (for advanced version click here). This version of the song has some lever changes but the middle section with all the fast lever changes has been left out (don’t worry, it still sounds good without it!). Compared to the advanced version, the left hand accompaniment is greatly simplified, which enables the player to focus on the right hand challenges. The right hand part is quick and sometimes jumps up to high notes, and it has a glissando that is tricky to time correctly. There are complex rhythms with lots of syncopation and some time signature changes.

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Small lever harps, including C to C 22 string harps and bigger (but needs levers!).

Lowest note is D almost one octaves below middle C, highest note is C, two octaves above middle C.

It is in the key of A major (F, C and G sharps), with D lever changes.  

Video Course with multiple lessons to learn “Here Comes the Sun” (Mid-Intermediate), which currently includes free sheet music for “Here Comes the Sun” (Mid-Intermediate).

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