Yesterday (Beatles) for Intermediate AND Beginner Harp

Yesterday (Beatles) for Intermediate AND Beginner Harp



Hello everyone! Do you want to learn to play “Yesterday” by the Beatles on the harp? This is me playing my arrangement of it, I hope you enjoy the music video!



The words of this song are really meaningful for the setting I played this in. If you’re a harp player, I’ve created an arrangement of this song for beginner level and intermediate!


The intermediate version has a lot of lever changes, so in my online video course I will help you learn those effectively.


The beginner version has no lever changes at all! You can also learn this song with or without sheet music in my online video course.


Get the ‘Yesterday (late-beginner) Video Course

Buy the sheet music here

Get the ‘Yesterday (late-intermediate) Video Course

Buy the sheet music here


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  1. I have been wondering about your left hand technique. I’ve seen many harpists do this where it looks like you may be plucking 3 strings but your hand is open flat verses having your 3 finger tucked. Can you do a video explaining this technique? I’m very curious about it. ☺️

    1. Hi Sharon! I was wondering about this too! 🙂 So I slowed down the playback of the video to 0.25x, and I think @Christy-Lyn is only playing 2 strings with her left hand (check at about the 35-36 sec. mark). I’m new to harping and don’t have this sheet music yet (or the skill to play it haha), but it looks like she’s playing intervals that are 10 strings apart with fingers 1&4, which would be really uncomfortable if fingers 2&3 were pointing down…hence open left hand. And it looks beautiful as she’s playing it! 🙂