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What do I get from a Personalized Feedback Video?

  • Input on your playing and technique.
  • Answers about learning, technique, practice, and musicality.
  • Feedback on your practicing or how to practice a piece.
  • Direction in your harp journey – what to focus on, next steps, etc.

1. Purchase your Personalized Feedback Video from Carrie

Click “Add to cart”, go to your “Cart” and click “Checkout”.

2. Check your email inbox (look in your spam folder too)

Straight after purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to your submission form and other important information. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to submit your video to Carrie.

3. Film your video!

Set up your phone, camera or recording device, and film your submission video. Ask Carrie your questions and demonstrate by playing something on your harp (a short snippet is great – you don’t need to play the full harp piece). Keep your video roughly 3-minutes and focus your questions so that Carrie has the time to give you detailed responses.

4. Fill in your submission form and upload your video

Click the submission form link in your email, and complete the form. Upload your video and submit!

N.B. Your video needs to be submitted within 30 days of the date of purchase.

5. Wait 5-7 working days for Carrie’s response

We know it’s hard to wait, but it’s worth it! Keep an eye on your email during this time.

6. Watch Carrie’s Personalized Feedback Video!

Once Carrie has recorded her response, she’ll send you an email with your personal Feedback Video (around 7-10 minutes long). The insight in this video is really going to make a difference in your harp journey!

7. Implement Carrie’s feedback

Watch your Personalized Feedback Video, process her input, and start implementing the changes to your playing.

8. Repeat!

Need further personal feedback or have other questions? Repeat the process and send Carrie another video! You can use this as a regular learning resource to keep building on your harp skills and technique. We can’t wait to see the growth that comes from it!

(19 customer reviews)

Personalized Feedback Videos

(19 customer reviews)
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Personalized feedback and input on your harp playing, the quick and easy way!

Simply send Carrie a short video, and she’ll respond with an encouraging and value-filled Feedback Video. She’ll answer your questions and give you technique tips and practical exercises to help you improve your harp playing.

Purchase your Personalized Feedback Video from Carrie:

*You’ll receive a confirmation email with additional details after purchase.


Purchase a Personalized Feedback Video as frequently as you need, so that you can continue to learn and grow.

Note: These Personalized Feedback Videos do not include advice on medical issues or injuries related to harp playing. Please consult a relevant healthcare professional to assist you in this area.

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