Clair de Lune Sheet Music


Clair de Lune is a classical piece that strikes a chord in our hearts and makes us feel strong emotions. It’s a timeless musical masterpiece! Christy-Lyn’s arrangement is easier to read than the original piano piece and more straightforward to play on the harp, but it still brings across the heart of the piece. This is an intermediate piece that will make you feel like a master!

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Level: Mid-intermediate. The fingering and notes are quite simple to play, but the timing is complex and there are a lot of different components to the piece which make it feel more difficult, including lever changes, dynamics and speed changes and hands crossing over each other.


Type of harp: Lever harps. The small harp version works for 26 string harps or larger, and the big harp version works for 33 string harps or larger. The piece could also be played on pedal harp, but there are no pedal markings in the sheet music.


Range: Big harp version: Lowest note is C two octaves below middle C, highest note is G two and a half octaves above middle C. Small harp version: Lowest note is C one octave below middle C, highest note is G two and a half octaves above middle C.


Levers/pedals: It is in the key of C major (no sharps or flats), with G and B lever changes. B strings need to be tuned to Bb for this piece.


Product: PDF download of 4 pages, including versions for big and small harps. Fingering and bracketing are included.


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Big Harp Audio:



Small Harp Audio:



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Christy-Lyn will teach you each note, the right technique and give you encouragement as you go. Never feel defeated by learning a harp piece again!


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