I’d love to try learning the harp, but I’m a bit nervous…

The harp can seem intimidating because of the stereotypes of huge harps that are so expensive and difficult to play. But the harp has become much more affordable, so that almost any who has a desire to play can do so and enjoy themselves!

If you’re worried that after an initial phase of excitement, you will eventually end up leaving the harp to gather dust in the corner, that is a legitimate fear…many people do give up because they didn’t start with a plan. If you just pluck around, it’s likely that you’ll stop progressing very soon and become discouraged and demotivated.

That’s why investing in your learning journey is so important to the success of you harp playing. If you commit to work steadily through a course each month without rushing, you will find that Christy-Lyn’s approach not only makes it clear and doable, but you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the process!

So why not give yourself the best chance to succeed with your harp learning and invest in our membership. You never know what you could achieve!