How do I use my credit to get a new course?

  1. Check your credit balance, either on your dashboard (get there with the home icon on the left menu), or click your name at the top of your screen. It will drop down a menu with your credit balance.

If you do not have a credit and your subscription payment went through, please contact us here. We are experiencing some glitches with the software that delivers credits at the moment.

2. Go to the shop and browse the courses.

3. Once you have chosen the course you want to purchase, click ‘Get this course’ on the course page.  

2. If you are not logged in, the next page will say ‘Click here to sign in and purchase with credits’. Put your email address and password in and click ‘Sign in’.

3. Click ‘Buy with one credit’ and wait for a bit – it sometimes takes a while to load.

4. Now click the ‘My Courses’ button, and your new course should be waiting for you to start!