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  • Sarah Bruce

    31 May, 2021 at 5:03 am

    Hello to all who love Harp,

    This website is such a fantastic forum for us all to share, learn, support and grow together. I’m enjoying the involvement, interaction and encouragement, and value this central space where people of such a wide range of ages, backgrounds, skills, and locations can all connect with each other.

    I feel however that there are some features of this site that I am not fully utilizing or understanding (and possibly some functions still under development). So this forum is created for the not-so-savvy (like me) with the intention of being able to share questions and advice about navigating and using features on this website. Bearing in mind these discussion forums may be viewed by all the public, some information may be relevant to paid members only, but I hope this post might be a useful reference for you, without getting lost in the members activity feed.


    • There are many helpful questions answered in the HELP section at the top (or bottom) of the page.
    • If you ‘connect’ with someone, you are then able to send private messages to each other.
    • When you ‘Follow’ a member, all their public activity will be available
      for you to view in the “Following” feed. The “Following” feed is like the normal activity feed, but it’s more selective. It’s a place to view updates of people I’m most close to, without their posts getting lost in the busy activity feed! The people I don’t follow won’t be included in this panel.
    • Posts in the activity feed that interest you, can be ‘liked’. It then makes it easy to find these comments later should they fall down the activity feed as new posts occur. (This is for reviewing particular posts made, rather than individual members.) Just click on your “likes” panel to bring them up so you can refer to the post chain again or make a comment.

    Hope this is useful. Please add more tips or questions.


  • Victoria Johnson

    2 June, 2021 at 10:43 pm

    Thank you for these tips, @sarah !

  • Sarah Bruce

    15 June, 2021 at 5:14 am

    Hey everyone, I just discovered something 🔎

    To keep track of your discussion feeds, interests, replies, etc:

    1. From your Dashboard (house icon on left, or green learning harp logo) scroll down the page to the forum section.
    2. Click on the button (right hand side) which says View My Discussions. This takes you to a different page than where you see all the general discussion forums.
    3. From here you have the options to view ‘My Discussions’ ‘My Replies’ ‘My Favorites’ or ‘Subscriptions’.
    • You can favorite a discussion by clicking on the yellow star to the right of any discussion heading; that is, once you have opened any discussion to read it. Click the star again to unfavorite.
    • If you subscribe to a discussion you will be notified by email of any replies entering the discussion. Make sure to check your junk email in case they end up there. My emails do not arrive the instant a post is made so expect a delay – maybe even a day late.

    I knew there must be an easier way to find my way back to places I’ve been! 🧐😉

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