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  • Can we download the lessons with this new format?

     Elizabeth Dexter updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • Elizabeth Dexter

    11 March, 2021 at 3:21 am

    Is there a way to download the video lessons from the website?


  • Claire Lécuyer

    11 March, 2021 at 11:30 am

    Hi Elizabeth, I asked this before subscribing because I’m often staying in a place where I have no internet connection, and here is the reply I had from @Megan.Marais (Megan, I hope you don’t mind that I copy-paste it on the forum):

    “Unfortunately it isn’t possible to use our website offline and it isn’t possible to download the video courses and use them offline while inside the learning environment. [insert link to Christy-Lyn’s sneak peak to the website]

    But we have made a work-around for people like you who live where there is no internet. When you buy a credit with a course in our website you can email Heidi and she will send you a link to a Google Drive folder where all the videos for that course are stored. You can download that folder and save it on your computer and watch the videos while you are away from the internet. This isn’t ideal at all, because there are some things that will be very clumsy about this method. You’ll need to wait for Heidi to email you the link, rather than instantly having access to your course. The videos for the course are short segments of learning, so each course has a LOT of videos (like 30 to 60). It works beautifully smoothly inside the learning environment, but when you download it may be annoying to have to open up the next video. So it will be clumsy and a little annoying, but at least it will mean that you’ll be able to learn your courses offline.”


  • Elizabeth Dexter

    11 March, 2021 at 7:56 pm

    Thank you Claire. I usually have great internet access, but was wondering as before we could download.

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