A Thousand Years (early-intermediate harp)

A Thousand Years for early-intermediate Harp

Since ‘A Thousand Years’ is often played at weddings, I thought it would be really fun to show you some shots of my recent wedding! I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my special day, and hearing this beautiful song.

If you want to play ‘A Thousand Years’ on your harp, the good news is that it works on a 22 string C-C harp, and anything bigger than that.


If you want to learn this piece quickly and with good technique, then you can learn it in my video course!


Some of the things I’ll be helping you with is the left hand, which has some unusual shapes going up and down. With the right hand, we occasionally place fingers 3, 2, and 1 on strings that are already reverberating… So I’ll help you do that without buzzing.


Click here to learn ‘A Thousand Years’ in my video course!


I’ll see you there.

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I’m so excited about this arrangement of ‘O Holy Night’! This is partly because it creates such a beautiful and dramatic moment whenever you play it, but also because after I arranged it I realized that those beautiful downward arpeggios at the beginning of the piece are actually very similar to ‘The Little Fountain’ by Samuel O. Pratt – which so many of you have been begging me to teach you!


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