Hallelujah (mid-intermediate) Sheet Music


This well-known melody is brought to life by the heavenly sounds of the harp! It’s a really full, satisfying arrangement with lots of variation and chords in both the right and left hands. I’d recommend attempting this once you’ve had success with early-intermediate arrangements.

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Level: Mid-Intermediate. The right hand includes rolled chords to make the arrangement sound fuller. The left hand includes quick-moving 4-2-1-2 patterns. There are four lever changes, but the left hand has time to change the lever while the right hand is playing.

Type of harp: 34 string harp (C to A) or anything bigger.


Range: Lowest note is C, two octaves below middle C. Highest note is A, an octave and a half above middle C.

Levers: The piece is in the key of C major (no levers set). It includes four G# lever changes in a way that makes it suitable for lever harps or pedal harps.

Product: PDF Download of 4 pages. Fingering and bracketing is indicated.


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