Meetup Rules

The purpose of these meetups is to engage in a more personal, face-to-face way, with other harp players from around the world and to encourage one another in your learning journey. This is an inclusive and positive space. Having an encouraging community around you can make the difference between success and discouragement, and we feel that these meetups can play a big role in keeping you motivated to continue learning. So participate as much as you can. Let’s build friendships with like-minded harp players around the world!

Below you will find the rules you need to adhere to in order to host and/or attend any of the meetups listed on If you experience any members acting outside of these guidelines, please report it to our customer support team at: Thanks!

  1. No hate speech 
  2. No bullying
  3. No crude or offensive language
  4. Topics: This is not the space for discussions about politics or other polarizing opinions such as masks or vaccines 
  5. Be considerate of others. Don’t constantly be the first to answer. Leave space for others to talk too.
  6. Be encouraging. The tone of the discussions must be encouraging, not critical or negative. We create a safe space for others to share, no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ their playing is. We take every opportunity to encourage other group members, wherever they are in their journey of harp playing.
  7. Be supportive. We don’t criticize other people’s playing or give feedback unless asked. Harp teachers are also welcome here and helpful tips are great when asked for, but please keep it positive and encouraging.
  8. Be inclusive. All approaches to learning and playing are valid. We’re not negative about different approaches to harp playing.
  9. Be kind. When we give our opinions we make an effort to say it kindly.
  10. This is not a platform for self promotion. Sharing of useful resources you enjoy using as a learner is encouraged, but please don’t promote products, services or sheet music you have personally created (free or paid). You may recommend resources you’ve created only in reply to people who are asking for help to a specific question and your resource is a solution to their question.
  11. Respect copyright laws. If you’d like to share sheet music with others, (eg. for use in a group play-through), please share a link to where the sheet music is being sold or distributed, and do not share photos of the sheet music itself. Let’s send people directly to the person who wrote the sheet music, and in this way we show them our support!
  12. Share resources. We share ideas, resources and information that have been helpful to us in our learning journey.

Thanks for reading and adhering to the rules! Please report any violations to our customer support team:

We are glad to have you here!