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  • Sylvia Lim

    23 April, 2021 at 12:40 am

    Hi Jennifer, Harps have a “balance point.” If you tip the harp back toward you, there should be a place where it can stand fairly easily without tipping forward or backward. That’s where it should be. You then adjust yourself so that you can move to the harp and meet it there at that spot (in other words, you are thinking of yourself going forward to the harp, not leaning your upper body back to become a shelf for the harp to sit on). The harp should be gently resting somewhere between your right clavicle and right shoulder. Once there, you should have a fair amount of freedom of movement for your arms. You can test this by moving your hands to different positions on the strings.

    While you can rest your right forearm on the soundboard at times, it shouldn’t really be for the purposes of stabilizing the harp.