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  • Amy Newson

    21 March, 2021 at 3:03 am

    I’m proof of “use it or lose it” where reading music is concerned – once
    upon a time I was decent with treble clef (choir) and good with bass
    clef (cello), but I hit the pause button on my musical studies my 4th
    year of college and after that I lost a lot of ground. At this point I
    can read well enough to sound things out, and THEN I play ’em by ear. 😉 I’m definitely planning on practicing sight reading as I work on my
    harp skills, but tend to find myself noodling my way through the tune
    (DEFINITELY not the best way to build great fingering technique) and
    getting ahead of the tutorials. I’ve been binge-watching your by-ear and
    session videos this week while recovering from COVID (my harp lives in
    my bedroom, and by the time I climb the stairs I tend to feel more like
    taking a nap than like practicing for some odd reason!), and what you’re saying about learning the shapes of the intervals makes total sense. My brain doesn’t parse “this shape on this line/in this space” as “note name” on cello or fiddle, so it doesn’t make sense to expect it to do that with harp. I see “this note here equals this finger-placement.” It’s going to take a while to get there with a new instrument. 🙂