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  • Annais Ryder

    19 March, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    Thank you for sharing!

    For me it was Are you Sleeping Maggie by Laurie Riley:

    My budget was really tight so I ended up getting the ‘in the white’ Brittany from stony end, so it took a lot of sanding and varnishing and stringing! At that point I thought I could travel with it but after hubby lost his job, looks like we not gonna go anywhere in the next few years ( we had a bit of international lifestyle, due to his contracts). So in the hindsight I should have bought Lorraine. So now I will be saving for Lorraine kit, because it would cos too much to import the ready made one or ‘in the white’ (glued but unfinished) versions to Europe.

    I dont know why I love the sound and effects of the DS so much, but I frankly never cared too much for the harp until I heard the DS! It stole my heart!😍