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  • Jan Kingston

    3 March, 2021 at 12:21 am

    Hi Brenda, I resonated with your introduction, so I thought I’d respond. I would also have to say I have “played at playing” music (not a ton of official training), from the piano to voice to choir to the harp, and dreamed of many other instruments. I also was just thinking last night of naming my harp Aisling! (And my harp is a Dusty Strings, though it is a 36). Aisling is such a beautiful name. Didn’t realize how to pronounce it until a few years ago. I did name a daughter Ashley, and had I known the name at the time, I would have probably named her Aisling. 😀 And since I am done having children (lol), I guess I’ll need to name something other than a child Aisling. 😉 I have just lately been trying to explore more playing with the metronome and rhythm. It is a process for sure. Slow process. I previously have done work as a trauma therapist, so I felt touched by your work with abused women and children. My goal with my work was more with military and refugees. Similar groups though to abused women and children, for sure. Though not with any particular official group. I was looking at working with the IRC and teaching English before Covid. but that kind of stopped that for the moment.

    Christy-Lyn has indeed been a great boon. I’ve gained a lot of confidence through her videos. And I am trying to do 45 minutes to an hour twice a day. I also have fibromyalgia and Lyme actually. Though not arthritis at this point. Playing the harp has totally been a mental health break for me.

    Pleasure to meet you, Brenda. Best wishes to you.