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  • SueEllen Hunter

    3 March, 2021 at 12:05 am

    Hi, Everyone, from North Central Florida. My name is SueEllen and i am 74 years young and I have had silver hair for decades now. I took less than a year of piano lessons when I was 10 but it taught me to read music. I had to make a choice between a horse and a harp and there were no harps or harpists in my small agricultural community ?. I watched Harpo play as a child and was intrigued by the way he made the harp speak for him. I love both but i have to say that horses are my life-long passion.

    I bought a Heartland Legend 36- string harp which is made of carbon-fiber rather than wood and it weighs only 11 lbs. It is currently strung with nylon strings while i save money for the much pricier carbon fiber strings. I think the CF strings have a slightly brighter sound. I had a little over a year of harp lessons in 2016 and 2017 from a professional harpist so I have the basics. I was a caregiver for 7 years (2011-2018) for my husband and didn’t play after he passed away in 2018.

    I just saw Christy-Lyn’s announcement in early February and decided to take it up again. It has already brightened my days and i have only just begun at the very beginning because I know as a life-long horse trainer that time spent on basics is never wasted. I especially appreciate Christy-Lyn’s occupational therapy-influenced teaching style because I got to observe a great many of my husband’s stroke rehab sessions. I have the start of MD which I am keeping from progressing with nutrition and specialized acupuncture. I love the way C-L uses hand shapes and muscle memory to learn a piece of music. It has made a tremendous improvement in my ability to successfully play a piece. I look forward to our progress, companionship, and fun. Much Love to you all.