Fast-forward your harp learning!

Harpists seem to have two main problems:

  1. Not knowing how to improve

  2. Not having consistency in actually doing it

That's why we created the Video Lesson Club!

*Note: The Video Lesson Club is hosted on a platform called Patreon. It is safe and well trusted.

This video explains what my Video Lessons are and why they help you learn faster!


1. A new Video Lesson teaching you to play a harp piece each month (usually $25)

2. ​An invitation to our monthly Virtual Harp Circle video meetup (usually $15)

3. Sheet music for the Video Lesson piece each month (usually $5)

4. Access to our vibrant community forum (usually $1 per month)

A subscription to the Video Lesson Club should cost $46 every month. A Video Lesson with sheet music alone costs $28​ on my website.

But I've made it only $20 per month (28% off), including all the bonuses above.

I really wanted to make this as affordable and convenient for you as possible, because I've seen the impact that it is making on people's lives.

*Note: The Video Lesson Club is hosted on a platform called Patreon. It is safe and well trusted.


"This club has really enriched my harp playing! Thank you!" (Sally M)

"I have been working on the song and your video method is amazing!" (Meekee)

"Loch Lomond is coming together just fine and Somewhere Over the Rainbow is work in progress ;-) I love love love the Video Lesson Club!!!" (Chantal)

"I really enjoyed how the lessons are split into small sections and explained in detail to be able to follow. Mastering each piece was such an achievement." (Sarah G)

"It's really such a big help too when you can play it over and over if you forget something or need to go over it again.  I like that we can do that!" (Jane)

"What I love so much is seeing your hand placement and the way you pluck the strings. It helps me to pay attention to how I hold my hands." (Cynthia)

I'm not at all technology savvy. Will I be able to manage the online videos?

Ivette Ellis says "It was easy! I would say if I can do it, anyone can!”

We use quite simple technology to deliver the video lessons. It's like a combination of purchasing something on Amazon and watching a YouTube video.

Don't let technology be a barrier to accessing the content you need! We have a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page, and if there are any problems, we are available over email to help.

How are these video lessons presented? Do I get actual DVDs?

No. You will get downloadable videos and sheet music PDFs and have immediate access to watch the videos and print the sheet music. There is nothing shipped in the mail to you, and no waiting required!

For how long do I get access to these videos?

Each video is available on the Video Lesson Club for one month.

BUT once you access the Video Lesson, you can download it onto your device and watch again and again. Or you can watch it online, as many times as you want.

In fact, we SUGGEST you go through it a few times as you’re learning the piece, and then return to the video whenever you want a refresher.

What level will the upcoming Video Lessons be?

The lessons released in the Video Lesson Club will be a range from early beginner to early intermediate arrangements. All of them are explained and taught thoroughly so that if you're a mid-beginner, you will be able to cope with the more difficult pieces, and if you're an early intermediate player, you will be able to work on your technique and musicality in the easier ones.

If you are brand new to the harp, we suggest first purchasing our Early Beginner Bundle before joining the Video Lesson Club. It will give you a chance to get the basics solid before moving on to more difficult pieces.


*Note: The Video Lesson Club is hosted on a platform called Patreon. It is safe and well trusted.

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