Tune your harp by ear…FAST!

What happens if your tuner suddenly dies in the middle of a performance? You need to be able to tune your harp by ear!

I learned from an elderly Welsh lady, who never used an electronic tuner, and I actually felt a bit ashamed when I first bought one! I found that it was helpful in a noisy setting to be able to tune by vibration, as my tuner can. But in the beginning, I only tuned by ear.


I found it quite easy to learn to tune by ear because I was in a choir from when I was young and I also played the violin, which both require training your ear to hear when a note is in tune. But if this is something that is not natural for you, I’ll give some tips at the end of how you can train your ear.


If you still need to learn the basic mechanics of tuning your harp, watch the following videos by Sylvia Woods… it’s really helpful as a starting point!

This has been such a helpful skill for me to have! I can always use an electronic tuner to get a more precise tuning, but nothing replaces understanding how it all works.


Do you tune your harp the same way as I do, or differently? Tell me in the comments below!

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