Silent Night (Harp & Voice) Sheet Music


This easy version of Silent Night is the perfect introduction to singing and playing! The harp part is simple enough to concentrate on the coordination of singing and playing at the same time, but interesting enough to make it fun. Try this as an accompaniment with your family singing together around the Christmas tree. It’s such fun!

Level: Mid-Beginner harp, and voice

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Level: Mid-Beginner harp and voice

Type of harp: Lever or Pedal harp. 22 string (C to C) and larger.


Range: Lowest note is C, an octave below middle C. Highest note is D, an octave and a bit above middle C. 22 string harps can leave out the highest note and everything will fit.

Levers: G major (need F sharps). No pedal or lever changes are required.

Product: PDF download of 2 pages. Fingering is marked throughout. The chords are written above each bar to facilitate a trio with voice, harp and guitar.


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