Scarborough Fair (Harp & Voice) Sheet Music


Audiences recognise the song and are spellbound by the gentle atmosphere it creates. It is appropriate for most audiences and effective as background music.

Level: Late-Intermediate harp and Voice

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Level: Late-Intermediate harp, and voice.

Type of harp: Lever or Pedal harp. 22 string (C to C) and larger.


Range: Lowest note is x, an octave below middle C. Highest note is x, an octave and a half above middle C.

Levers: This piece is available in the keys of E minor (levers), D minor or C minor. Check which key suits your vocal range before purchasing. No pedal or lever changes are required.

Product: PDF download of 6 pages. Fingering is indicated periodically; approaching this arrangement with good fingering makes it significantly easier to play. The chords are written above each bar to facilitate a trio with voice, harp and guitar.

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