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Over the Rainbow Course

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This arrangement keeps things fairly simple but maintains the magical feeling of the song! There are two lever changes which are well planned with plenty of time. A great way to practice your lever changes!

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Difficulty level & Skills required

Early-intermediate: It consists of the melody in the right hand and simple accompaniment in the left hand. It includes complex overlapping brackets and using all 4 fingers. There is lots of repetition in the sections, which makes it easier to learn. There are two lever changes, but there is lots of time and the left hand is free to make the change.

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26 string harp (C to G) and anything larger

Lowest note is C, an octave below middle C. Highest note is D, two octaves and a note above middle C

The piece is in the key of C major (no levers set). Two lever changes are included (F#)

Video Course with multiple lessons to learn Over the Rainbow, which currently includes free sheet music for Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

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