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Mary, Did You Know? (Mid-Beginner) Sheet Music

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Mary, Did You Know? (Mid-Beginner) Sheet Music


“Mary, Did You Know?” is a well-known Christmas song filled with awe and hope of why we celebrate Christmas! This arrangement is simple in nature but contains so much depth in melody. You will really enjoy learning it! Skills learned in this piece include putting left hand and right hand together, cross-under fingerings in the right hand, placing 4 fingers quickly and comfortably in right hand, as well as scales in both hands. There are no lever changes! The video course will walk you through how to practice each section effectively and provide practical tips of how to improve and solidify your technique.

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Difficulty level & Skills required

Mid-Beginner: (for the Early-Intermediate version click here). The right hand consists of overlapping brackets, quickly placed 4-finger shapes, and frequent cross-under placing. Left hand is simpler, consisting of 4-finger descending scales, typically with one note per measure.

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C-C 22 string harps or larger.

Lowest note is E below middle C, highest note is A two octaves above middle C.

No levers needed, no lever changes.

PDF download of 2 pages. Fingering and bracketing are included.

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