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Mary, Did You Know? (Early-Intermediate) Sheet Music

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Mary, Did You Know? (Early-Intermediate) Sheet Music


“Mary, Did You Know?” is a well-known Christmas song filled with awe and hope of why we celebrate Christmas! Skills learned in this piece include lots of syncopated rhythms, rolled chords, a few lever changes, and quick placing of 4-finger shapes. This is a great piece to learn if you are looking for a bit of a challenge. We will break down those syncopated rhythms in the video course, and you’ll know them so well you could play them in your sleep!

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Difficulty level & Skills required

Early-Intermediate: (for the Mid-Beginner version click here). The left hand is fairly simple, but the tricky part is fitting the hands together with the syncopated melody in the right hand.

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34 string lever harps or larger. Small harps (C-C 22 strings) can play this arrangement an octave higher!

Lowest note is E two octaves below middle C, highest note is C an octave above middle C.

Several G# lever changes.

PDF download of 7 pages. Fingering and bracketing are included.

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