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Danny Boy (early-beginner) Sheet Music

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Such a beautiful tune that everyone will recognise! This is the easiest possible arrangement of Danny Boy. The melody is shared between the two hands so that it is possible to play with good technique, even if it’s your first harp piece. There is no accompaniment, only the beautiful melody we know and love, clearly written out for the absolute beginner harp player. NOTE: Both hands are written in the treble clef, with the right hand fingering above and the left hand fingering below.


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Difficulty level & Skills required

Early-Beginner: The melody is shared between the right and the left hand, so you will never have to play two hands together or think about melody plus accompaniment. You will use fingers 1, 2 and 3 and basic bracketing

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19 string harps and larger

Lowest note is A, two notes below middle C. Highest note is E, an octave and a bit above middle C

The piece is in the key of C major (no sharps or flats). No levers are needed

PDF Download of 1 page. Fingering and bracketing is indicated

Danny Boy (Early-Beginner) Audio

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Christy-Lyn will teach you each note, the right technique and give you encouragement as you go. Never feel defeated by learning a harp piece again!

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