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This Coldplay song is fast, rhythmic, and has that wow-factor! Once you get it under your fingers it makes you feel like the master of your instrument, moving all over the place flipping levers (or pedals) and crossing your hands over each other. It’s a great one to play in between your other pieces because it has such a strong, different atmosphere and makes everyone sit up and listen.

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Difficulty level & Skills required

Advanced: When played up to speed this song is fast-paced and requires finger dexterity and strength. The left hand often jumps between playing bass notes and crossing over the right hand to play the melody. The right hand plays a series of fast notes with accents, and during the verse it plays quick melodic lines of 6ths or 3rds. There are some fast lever changes for lever harps.

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Lever harps or pedal harp. The small harp version works for 26 string harps or larger, and the big harp version works for 33 string harps or larger.

Small harp version – Lowest note is C, an octave below middle C. Highest note is G two and a half octaves above middle C. Big harp version – Lowest note is D, almost 2 octaves below middle C. Highest note is B, almost 2 octaves above middle C.

It is in the key of G (with F levers). There are multiple lever (or pedal) changes in this piece.

Video Course with multiple lessons to learn Clocks (advanced), which currently includes free sheet music for Clocks (advanced), including versions for big and small harps. 

Big Harp Version
Small Harp Version

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