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Canon in D is one of the most recognisable classical pieces, often requested as a wedding processional.  Christy-Lyn’s arrangements are specifically crafted to work well on the harp and include glissandos, arpeggios and rolled chords that bring out the beauty of the instrument.

This bundle includes 6 sheet music arrangements! They are for early-intermediate harp, for mid-intermediate harp, and a build-your-own version where you can choose from 25 variations to create an arrangement that feels comfortable for you. Each of these has a big harp and small harp version.

Click here to watch Christy-Lyn play ‘Canon in D”. She plays the mid-intermediate version.





Level: Early-intermediate, mid-intermediate or the option to make it more difficult or slightly easier by building your own version. The variations include rolled chords, glissandos, downward arpeggios, and 4-finger chords of different shapes.

Type of harp: Lever or Pedal harp. The big harp version is for 34 strings and larger. The small harp version is for 26 strings and larger, and many of the variations can be adapted for 22 string harps.


Range: Big harp versions: lowest note is D, almost 2 octaves below middle C. Highest note is G, two and a half octaves above middle C.

Small harp versions: lowest note is D, almost 1 octave below middle C. Highest note is E, two and a bit octaves above middle C.

Levers: The piece is in the key of D major (F and C levers set to F sharp and C sharp). There are no lever changes during the piece.

Product: PDF Download of 6 arrangements of Canon in D: Early-intermediate for big harp (4 pages), Early-intermediate for small harp (4 pages), mid-intermediate for big harp (6 pages), mid-intermediate for small harp (6 pages), build-your-own version for big harp (16 pages), and build-your-own version for small harp (16 pages). Fingering and bracketing is indicated.

Click here to see this piece in comparison to other pieces.

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Christy-Lyn will teach you each note, the right technique and give you encouragement as you go. Never feel defeated by learning a harp piece again!

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