Behind the Flames Sheet Music


I wrote this piece after learning a little bit about Flamenco music. I love that in Flamenco tradition, older musicians are respected because their life experience will help them to understand the soul behind the music… so true!

Level: Mid-Beginner

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Level: Mid-Beginner. Only uses fingers 1, 2 and 3. Mostly hands separately, with a few notes played together. Overlapping brackets.

Type of harp: Lever or Pedal harp. 22 string (C to C) and larger.


Range: Lowest note is D, almost an octave below middle C. Highest note is E, an octave and a half above middle C.

Levers: The piece is in the key of A Minor (G sharp levers). No pedal or lever changes are included.

Product: PDF Download of 1 page. Fingering and bracketing is indicated.


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