A Thousand Years Sheet Music


This love song has a breath-taking, magical feeling to it. The original recording by Christina Perri has a prominent finger-picking guitar part which seems to be begging for a harp version! Christy-Lyn’s arrangement maintains the beautiful simplicity of the song while making it really comfortable to play on the harp.

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Christy-Lyn Wedding Harpsicle Harp




Level: Early-intermediate. The right hand has some slightly more complex rhythms, and often plays more than one note at a time. The left hand has a variety of shapes and patterns, and the overlapping bracket sequences take more concentration than the late-beginner pieces typically do.


Type of harp: Lever harps or pedal harp. This arrangement can be played on small harps (22 string C to C harp or larger).


Range: Lowest note is E below middle C. Highest note is C, two octaves above middle C.


Levers/pedals: It is in the key of C major, with no sharps or flats. There are no lever changes during the piece.



Product: PDF download of 4 pages. Fingering and bracketing are included.


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