Beginner Harp Piece in C major

By Christy-Lyn Marais. 1 page. PDF download.

​For Lever harp (including lap harps) or Pedal Harp. Fingering is indicated.


This arrangement is for a beginner level harpist, as a performance piece and also an excellent exercise in hand-over-hand movements, bracketing and placing before playing.


This piece sounds flowing and harpy, but joyful in nature. It is easy to play, but sounds good as a performance piece; it has a good pay-off for the practice you put in! If you enjoyed Sailing on a Lake and Breath of Air, this is the piece to attempt next! It will impress your friends and show them how relaxing and beautiful harp music can be! It can also be used in a church setting, hospital setting or at a nursing home.


For harp teachers, this piece works well for players who have already worked on bracketing and placing before playing, but have not done much work on playing with two hands together.

My Childhood Swing (Harp Sheet Music)

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