Watch me use Practice Loops to Progress Quickly (Practice Log)

Here’s my second practice log for Maureen’s Waltz! You can see the difference in my playing compared to the day before, when I did the first practice log.

Hello everyone! So I thought I’d do another practice video for you. In my last practice log, I was practicing through the first 30 minutes of a new piece called Maureen’s Waltz (Catriona McKay). I’ve recorded every practice session with this piece, and it’s now two weeks later! I can’t show you everything but I picked one I thought would be the most useful for you to see, with interesting practice skills.

After that first day going through the piece, I practiced section A. Then after the recording, I went through section B. The day after I went through both sections. Section B is what I’m going to be showing you today. In the video you’ll also see me starting to go through section C, working on the fingering. I will also be showing you how I loop sections when practising – I focus quite a bit on that, because it’s a very effective way to practice!

Later on in the video, you’ll notice I start getting tired, so I speak about when to stop and give yourself a break, and how to deal with new mistakes popping up in previous places you’ve already gone through.

Doing this kind of video is still very new to me, so I hope you enjoy seeing my process and progress. Enjoy!

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  1. YES 👍. I was mesmerized watching you practice. I saw 👀 lots of smooth technical fingering. Thank you for the opportunity to see clearly how it’s done.I This is like being in a master class! I will continue to view your practices. 🤗. Cheers, Eileen.