"My Childhood Swing": an easy harp piece

Are you tired of playing Mary Had a Little Lamb? If you're a beginner harpist, you'll know what I mean: easy harp pieces can sound so juvenile! But the beautiful, flowing pieces out there are usually so technically challenging.

Or perhaps you've fallen into the trap of immediately trying to play your favourite song on the harp, but ended up disappointed and frustrated that you can't seem to progress because it's too difficult.

If you fall into either of these camps, I have good news for you...

I’ve been creating easy harp pieces with you in mind! The way I create easy sheet music is to limit myself to a few beginner skills and then play around until I find something that sounds as beautiful as possible, without making it more complicated.

The piece in my video today is called 'My Childhood Swing' because it reminds me of that motion of swinging up and down. I think it’s really special to think back on childhood memories because the harp lends itself to a nostalgic feel and early memories are often ones that strike the deepest chords with people.

The skills needed in this piece are:

  • Using fingers 1 2 and 3 (thumb, index and middle finger)

  • Basic bracketing and placing before playing (if you don't know what that is, watch "A Common Mistake of Self-taught Harpists" and learn the free sheet music there first)

A new skill that this piece will teach you is crossing over hand over hand. It allows you to use more of the harp, which helps your pieces sound more impressive!

Watch me playing My Childhood Swing and see what you think.

You can get the sheet music on my website... or if you subscribe to my Sheet Music Club, you will get new sheet music like this every month! Just scroll until you see "Join Sheet Music Club" and you'll get your first free sheet mus


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