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I’m so glad you are going to learn Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’!

Say hi to your classmates!

We have “Classmates” groups for every course, and you have been added to the ‘Canon in D’ group! This is a place to ask questions, for advice on challenges that come up, and to share the progress you are making. It’s so important to have accountability and encouragement on your learning journey.

We want this to be a positive, uplifting space, so please help others as much as you can! And try not to comment on faults or mistakes – everyone is learning and needs support, not criticism.

Click the button below to visit the ‘Canon in D’ Classmates group and introduce yourself. It’ll only take a few minutes, and it’s fun!

To get back here, find the Course tab below the cover picture. Click ‘continue’, and you will find yourself back here!

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  • Index page: If you hear Christy-Lyn mention an ‘index page’, don’t worry! Now that the courses are laid out with all the lessons on the left, you won’t need an index page to find your place.
  • Play-throughs: Christy-Lyn has created play-throughs at different speeds to help you practice and so that you can feel you are playing along with her! They are located at the end of the course, but you don’t have to wait until you are finished with the course before you can use them! It’s great to practice with shorter sections of the play-through to work on your fluency, even when you only know the first two or three sections.

Have fun with this course!