How does the membership work?

When you sign up for one of our memberships, you receive full access to our members-only Harp Grove benefits, and you’ll be allocated credit/s according to your membership level.


As a member, you’ll receive monthly credit/s according to your membership level:

  • Standard Membership – one credit a month
  • Premium Membership – two credits a month

One credit is equivalent to one Course or Workshop, and can be used to redeem any of your choice. This gives you the flexibility to choose whatever suits your stage of learning. Once redeemed, this Course or Workshop is yours to keep whether you have an active membership or not.

Members-only Harp Grove benefits

Along with your monthly allocated credits, all memberships come with:

  • Full access to our members-only Harp Grove community, where you can interact with other harp players from around the world.
  • LIVE members-only Zoom meetup hosted by one of our harp teachers, Christy-Lyn or Carrie. You’ll get to interact with them as well as the rest of our Harp Grove community as they facilitate fun harp activities and play alongs!

If you’ve used up all of your credits and you don’t want to wait for your next monthly credit, you can purchase additional Courses and Workshops for US$45.