Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) for Mid-Intermediate Harp

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) for Mid-Intermediate Harp


A little while ago I made a poll… and Hallelujah was the TOP requested song to learn on harp! So I’ve made a Late-Beginner and a Mid-Intermediate version so that almost anyone can learn it. We filmed this music video in front of an old stone church in Cape Town (South Africa).



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    I tried resetting my password but I’ve been locked out of the account for the past half an hour. Could you please advise how I can now login again?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Cristy-Lyn. I don’t remember getting a poll list, but with everything that has happened…lately,…. so, my problem is I have already completed Hallelujah advanced beginners level. For some reason it is no longer on my page as completed. 😟. Can you help me out? Please. Cheers, Eileen. Or, do I have to go thru it again?