Sailing on a Lake Freebie

Sailing on a Lake Sheet Music

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“Sailing on a Lake” was written to capture the beautiful feeling of being in a boat. It creates a carefree, uplifting atmosphere.


This piece is appropriate to be played at a concert, in church, at a hospital or nursing home, or in a therapy setting. It has been written to have a good payoff for the effort you put in, being easy to master but sounding beautiful as a performance piece.



Level: Beginner harp piece


Skills needed: You should be comfortable with using fingers 1 and 2 before trying this piece. This piece is ideal to work on basic bracketing (placing before playing). To see how the difficulty compares to other sheet music, go here.


Type of harp: lever harps, including lap harps.


Key: C Major (no sharps or flats). No pedal or lever changes are included.