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  • Libby Hitchcock

    13 April, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Finnegan & Owen wanted to remind everyone it is not always bad to fall down the rabbit hole😉🐇 And thank you for sharing the link to Rachel Hair’s piece! I adore her and her Harp at Home lessons!

    My only Ace in the Hole so far is May It Be arranged by CL and Kevin and 2 versions of Amazing Grace. Hoping to add Grenadier to that list soon.

    This week I am continuing on Grenadier and also working on Here Comes the Sun arranged by Debbie Vinick. Technique I am going back to basics and practicing scales and arpeggios and adding in 2 more of Carol Kapuss Magic Hands exercises.

    I am anxiously awaiting word that my Tripplett is complete and ready to ship. I am counting the days until I have more than 27 strings and only F/C levers!