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  • Sarah Bruce

    8 April, 2021 at 12:32 pm

    Hi, I have only F and C levers on my ‘Sharpsicle’ which so far has been adequate for my use, i.e. predominately taking it away on camping trips. I also have a fully levered folk harp (34 strings) which was not originally built for levers but they were added previous to my ownership. I have recently tried regulating some of the levers as they are out (not an exact semitone between on and off), but a few of them just can’t be fixed. Although the levers are supposed to have some adjustment, because of how they were installed and the design of the harp, there is not room to regulate some of the levers, so I still need to retune for some keys. So if you are considering adding levers, firstly find out if your harp can take levers, (as some are not able to, especially if your harp does not have bridge pins) and I would certainly advise having them installed by a professional (as Alyssa mentioned). That being said, the more levers you are able to add the better and are certainly worthwhile as your repertoire grows.