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  • Nancy Beal

    7 April, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    I needed to take a break from all the heavy duty technique and new skills practice from the past few weeks so I pulled out some music to put together. When I play in the hospital, I like to have a number of songs that sort of, mostly in my mind, ‘fit’ together. On my music stand for the next few weeks will be the following music. A few are brand new pieces (I can never resist new music), pieces I know well and can already play and pieces I used to play a lot and need to re-familiarize myself with them. In addition, I will be looking for bridges between the pieces. If and when I get back to work, I like to be able to flow smoothly between pieces and that needs practice also. They are each fairly short and I can easily play them with a 158 or variation of that in the LH, which is important in the hospital when I need to focus on so many things. I’m lucky that on the double strung I can interweave the LH with the RH, giving the music a new feel each time.

    There is always additional music I can think of to add to this, but I need to quiet that squirrel in my head for a while and focus, focus, focus. In all of this, I will be watching my technique, dynamics, new hand shapes, revision of old fingering when new ideas work better, etc.

    Arran Boat Song

    Kindly Woods (an original by Carolyn Deal)

    Skye Boat Song

    Annie Laurie

    Summer Wind Chimes

    Sweet Forget-me-not

    The Moon Represents My Harp

    Aragorn sleepsong


    My Little Welsh House

    Fair Gentle Eily

    White Coral Bells