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Home Forums Technique Questions 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week? Reply To: 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week?

  • Judiann Maddigan

    31 March, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    @melisa.kommala After the Rain was one of the pieces I played last week, when I was working on expression. It’s a simple piece but there’s so much potential there. I tried to make it sound like it was clouding up, then a sprinkle was starting, then the rainstorm came, then the sun came out and the last few drops fell from the leaves. Totally exaggerated and so much fun to do. It was the first time that I knew a piece well enough to have the freedom to play around with it like that.

    About strings buzzing, that was an unpleasant surprise during my first week with the harp. It was a shock the first few times it happened. My research ahead of time hadn’t prepared me for it. The bass strings buzzing is the worst, and I still have issues when I’m being too timid about placing.