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Home Forums Technique Questions 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week? Reply To: 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week?

  • Libby Hitchcock

    30 March, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    I am reviewing my pieces from last week and have added in Gentle Rain from ACG as my “easier” piece and The Grenadier and the Lady as a stretch piece. I like the feeling of memorizing something quickly, and Gentle Rain will get me used to moving my left hand above my right. The Grenadier is my first piece where I will be using 4 fingers frequently through the piece, very exciting!

    Technique I am still trying to make sure I do not bend my wrist forward at the end of a phrase and now also focusing on 4 finger placement for the Grenadier song.

    As for progress from last week, I was on vacation so had more time to practice than usual and was happy with what I accomplished. I was better about splitting my practice time between each goal, but can work on that more this week. I made a practice journal where I can lay out all I want to work on and evaluate after but have to develop the discipline to use it consistently!