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Home Forums Technique Questions 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week? Reply To: 2021-03-28 What are you practicing this week?

  • Nancy Beal

    28 March, 2021 at 2:52 pm

    As always, I’m reviewing previously learned pieces just in case we get called back to play in the hospital. This week, I’ve pulled several pieces for this – including Arran Boat song, Skye Boat Song, Inisheer, Kindly Woods, Southwind, etc. The goal is to move seamlessly from one to the other through chord progressions, etc. This requires re-acquainting myself with each one as it’s been a while since I’ve played through these together.

    I’m practicing Anne Crosby Gaudet’s Dragonfly and have a lesson with her on Tuesday to work on that wonderfully light and effortless-looking technique she has.

    I’m also working on sections of Primavera and using it for my warm ups. It has workouts for the LH and RH and some challenging (for me) interweaving of both hands. I don’t expect to ever play this at work, but I’m pleasantly surprised that as I practice slowly and carefully, I’m able to accomplish more than I had originally hoped.