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Home Forums Technique Questions 2021-03-21 What are you practicing this week? Reply To: 2021-03-21 What are you practicing this week?

  • Judiann Maddigan

    26 March, 2021 at 6:00 pm

    @libbyhitch You’re one step ahead of me. Maybe the tip-off was the date in the thread’s title 😉. Some other forums have weekly threads, and I’m testing the idea here. If members are interested and participate, we can keep up with new weekly posts. If not, no problem.

    You picked up on the accountability aspect. In next week’s thread, members can decide whether they want to mention how well they did with their goals for this week. That’s completely optional. Many of us spend hours each week practicing alone, and I thought it might be fun to have a bunch of practice buddies. We’ll see how it goes. I also like the idea that this type of thread is an easy place for newcomers to jump in and join us.

    You’re not too late — this thread runs for an entire week. For that matter, I might be posting here next July to say I finally learned The Gentle Maiden. 😄