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  • Annais Ryder

    23 March, 2021 at 11:42 pm

    In addition to writing the note names on the sheet, it is helpful to watch Christy Lyn’s Harp video’s on youtube 1-14

    Also I bought an app called Play score 2. It allows one to photograph the sheet and it scans it and can play it back to you. There is an option to slow it down. So I play along with it very slowly and can hear when I hit the wrong note.

    Also I find playing simple excercices helpful, as they start on very easy level, and are repetitive so easier to reed the music. I use mostly Deborah Friou and Maria grossi books.

    The app called Flash Note Derby is also fun for learning the notes!

    Best of luck! Mahogany moon in on my list!! 🙂