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  • Connie LoPorto

    22 March, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    Hi there. I have tremors of my head and both arms. The right is manageable. The left is only quiet when it is holding onto something still or if my arm is by my side. The min. I raise my left the tremor starts. I have Approx. 3 -5 mins before I am forced to put it down. My head is constantly bobbling other than a broken cup or a few spastic jerks with a dish or heavy object, I was never bothered with the tremors. I think it bothered people who had to watch me. Then I started harp, great therapy on focusing and relaxing unless you are learning. The time to figure out the placement is already too long to keep my arm up. I did persist with great progress and found once I memorized the piece and was more fluent with it, I was able to keep my hands in motion (which is good) there are some impossible days There are many people like us here I think the hardest thing I had to get over was making videos people won’t understand All the beautiful harp people out their trying to get the perfect hand shape or flowing up and down the harp that my never be me well, I bit my bottom lip and videoed lol take 101 haha take 102 then I just went for it I am a great advocate for people to get use to making videos of their beginnings For me having the videos have a greater meaning and smiles too someday I will wake up and not remember how to play or shake so much that it will be impossible but I will have my visually imperfect recordings to say I tried, I managed and I did it Now I just wish that more people with CHALLENGES would come forward to encourage others that it’s okay , love and respect your achievements I do. When I can’t play songs any more I’ll just have the whole harp tuned pentatonic and go from there lol