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  • Judiann Maddigan

    19 March, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    @annais.ryder You’re looking for a way to add tags and labels to scores, similar to the way ForScore organizes PDF files. Wouldn’t that be a nice feature? As far as I know, MuseScore doesn’t have that ability within the program itself. My scores are organized into a system of folders and sub-folders using Finder on my Mac. Finder can add tags to files, and then MuseScore can narrow a File > Open search to a tag.

    Most of my organizing is done with spreadsheets. I track all of my scores on Google Sheets, with columns for things like key, difficulty level, version number, comments, and whether it has been printed. Hard copies are organized in 3-ring binders with A-Z tabs, ordered by file name. I’ve set MuseScore to automatically print the date and file name in the footers.