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  • Judiann Maddigan

    17 March, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    << I need to go beyond a self nurturing harpists to one who can play for others so they may enjoy the beauty of the music. >>

    @nightthunder That’s really an important concept. Maybe that’s why music therapists and harpists for worship services aren’t as bothered by performance anxiety. Music therapists are more concerned for their patients, and church musicians are more concerned about what the congregation is experiencing. Their motivations go beyond themselves.

    << Also, I love meeting other harpists. Christy-Lyn has does such a great job of gathering us together! >>

    So true. I agree that Christy-Lyn has done a phenomenal job building this community. We come from all over the world, and every person I’ve met here has been friendly, kind, and considerate of other people’s feelings. That’s so rare in a public forum. When you described flubbing a piece you tried to play for your sister, every one of us could relate because we’ve all been there.